"My 3D ultrasound was great. It sure brought my boys closer to the baby, being able to see it move. Thanks again!"

- Michelle S.
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Extensive studies over the last 3 decades have shown that there is no evidence of harm to the unborn baby or mother. We would not be providing this service to you if it was thought to cause harm. Scanning is routine for all pregnancies in British Columbia and is an acceptable global practice. We encourage you to do your own research so that you are comfortable with your decision to have the ultrasound.

There is always the possibility that gender verification may require more than one appointment. If you do have to come in for a second appointment the costs of that appointment will be covered by Baby's 1st Images. Sometimes babies can play a little shy or simply not be in the best positioning for gender verification.

If you do not wish to know your baby's gender we will be happy to help you maintain the surprise.

The ultrasound performed at Baby's 1st images is completely non-diagnostic and non-medical, and is therefore not covered by B.C. medical. Our ultrasounds are unlike the medical ultrasound that you have had arranged through your doctor. We provide a completely different experience for you- multiple images of your unborn baby moving, stretching, clutching, grasping, and yawning. This is a keepsake, much like a portrait or a home movie.

Yes. You will need to contact Baby's 1st Images to schedule your appointment. We are extremely flexible with our scheduling and accommodating our clients is important to us. Our availability changes weekly so we do recommend that you book three to four weeks in advance so that we are able to accommodate you at the optimal time during pregnancy.

The Ultrasound picture that you have of your baby through your Doctor is usually done at 20 weeks. We recommend that you have your 3D/4D pictures done when baby is a bit more developed. This will provide
you with excellent pictures that you can reflect on once you meet your baby on his or her birthday. 3D/4D ultrasound clients that choose the multiple session package are often astonished at the difference in their baby's appearance and growth over just a few weeks. We recommend a 4 week interval from the first session. A baby's development is fascinating and we provide an exciting and unique way to introduce your baby to siblings, family and friends as he or she grows.

At Baby's First Images we welcome up to 4 individuals (other than the mother) to join us in the room during the ultrasound.